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Rubber City Zen Center / Smog City Zen Center (name TBD)

Rubber City Zen Center / Smog City Zen Center (name TBD)

I have my very tentative schedule for Europe. It is as follows: Oct. 3-5 (possibly Oct 1-5) Finland all events to be determined Oct. 8 Lecture in Munich, Germany Oct. 9-11 Retreat in Munich, Germany Oct. 12-17 Retreat at Benediktushof near Würzburg, Germany Oc 18-20 Possibly in Bonn, Germany (not confirmed) Oct 24 Lecture in […]

Me and Akria Ifukube circa 1998


I went and saw the new Godzilla movie last night in 3D at the IMAX theater in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I figure if you’re gonna go see Godzilla, do it right. I loved it. I was cautiously optimistic about this film. I’d heard good things about it, but the 1998 American-made Godzilla movie directed by Roland […]

"Two Kinds of Anger" or "Jesus F. Christ Part 2"

“Two Kinds of Anger” or “Jesus F. Christ Part 2”

Before I begin, I’d like to invite everyone in the tri-state area to the screening of Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen tomorrow (Wednesday May 21, 2014) at 6:30pm at Drexel University in their URBN Annex screening room. That’s at 3401 Filbert St (corner of 34th and Filbert Street) on the West side of Philadelphia, PA. The Facebook event […]

This is not who served me at Enterprise in Philadelphia!

Jesus F***ing Christ

First, here’s what happened. Zero Defex, the hardcore punk band in which I play bass, is playing a show tonight (Friday May 18th) in Akron, Ohio as a benefit for our friend Logan Firestone who is dealing with stage four esophageal cancer. I went to high school with Logan and later on shared a decrepit […]

Dharma Names

Dharma Names

This past weekend Dogen Sangha Los Angeles held its third three-day retreat at Mt. Baldy Zen Center in the mountains near Claremont, California just east of Los Angeles. 30 people participated. While we were up there I did yet another priest ordination. I swear this will be the last one for a very long time. […]