WHY WE FIGHT (or at least why I do)

I did my talk to the Yoga Hippies in Los Feliz yesterday. That was fun. And while I was talking to them I kind of hit upon why it is I do useless things like write this blog. The group I spoke with were training to be yoga teachers. One of the questions I got […]


There’s a guy who’s real smart. Buddhist guy. Knows every sutra. He takes up with a new teacher and the teacher asks him, “So what sutra do you lecture about? The smart guy goes, “The Heart Sutra.” Master goes, “How do you lecture on the heart sutra?” Smart guy says, “With my mind.” FOOTNOTE: In […]


I went and saw the movie Idiocracy last night. It’s written & directed by Mike Judge, the guy who made Bevis & Butthead and King of the Hill. This is a fugging amazing movie. The review I’ve linked to (click the title of this article or the word “link” below) is much better than I’m […]

Case #29 from Shinji Shobogenzo Book One

One day Master Zengen went with his teacher Master Dogo to visit a house where someone had recently died to express their condolences. When they were alone, Master Zengen patted the coffin and said to Master Dogo, β€œIs he alive or dead?” Master Dogo said, β€œI will not say alive or dead.” Master Zengen said, […]

NEW PROMO! and whatever…

I just put another trailer for the Cleveland’s Screaming documentary up on You Tube. You can also see it on your right over there under the links. You Tube is some weird mojo. I walked to my post office this morning. There are two post offices in my vicinity. One is about 5 minute’s walk […]