It’s December 8th. That’s a significant date for me for three reasons. I’ll list the stuff I always think of on this day in order that they usually occur to me. John Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980. I’m sure everybody in the “blogosphere” has already written about that by now. The day Lennon […]


I have no idea what that means. But it’s on the back cover of the Finnish edition of Hardcore Zen. I just got a copy of it. It’s published by Basam Books. You can link to their website by clicking “link” below. The site is all in Finnish. And I’ll be impressed if you can […]

AKIO JISSOJI 1937-2006

Akio Jissoji died on Wednesday night. Akio Jissoji was a Japanese TV and film director. He got his first big break directing episodes of Ultraman. The episodes he directed were weird and wonderful things to behold. In fact, if it weren’t for his contributions, I doubt Ultraman would have become the cultural icon it did. […]


First off, the December schedule for Saturday Zazen at the Hill Street Center is Dec. 2, Dec. 9, Dec. 16, and Dec. 23. December 9th is a day-long micro-retreat. On Dec. 23rd Tonen O’Connor from the Milwaukee Zen Center will be in attendance. That should be fun. Thanks for all the comments and e-mails on […]


I’ve been thinking of writing a book about Jesus. So I’m gonna write down these thoughts and post them without really editing it much. It’ll be messy. But maybe something useful will come of it. Here goes… There must be a hundred “Buddha and Jesus” books out there. But, although it’s a subject I’ve been […]