First off, please go read the Interview with Ethan Holtzman of Dengue Fever I did, which is now up at Suicide Girls. This interviewing stuff is a new thing for me that I hope to do a lot more of in the future. OK. I need some help. Please read the following carefully before responding. […]

It’s A Podcast! So Stop Complaining I Never Do Them!

Here’s a Podcast of the Talk in Atlanta from March 2, 2008

What Will Zazen Do For Me?

I got an e-mail from Lynn Thompson who does the radio show Living on Purpose. She said: “I am airing our talk again on http://www.radioearnetwork.com again this week,Monday (10th) 3 – 5pm ESTTuesday 3 – 5 AM (for European listeners)Friday 10 am – noon She also said the show’s podcast on Rabble was the most […]

OM and EGO

I’m listening to one of my two new favorite bands right now, the mighty OM. They are a duo consisting of bass and drums who play droning sludge rock that sounds like a 33 rpm Black Sabbath record played at 16 rpm very, very loud. I already mentioned them in an earlier post, I think. […]

SUICIDE GIRLS and UTNE READER (didn’t even KNOW her!)

My latest article for Suicide Girls went up this morning. Who knows what sort of response this one will invite. Not me, that’s for sure. If you pick up the latest issue of UTNE READER (March-April 2008, with that guy from 40 Year Old Virgin on the cover) I don’t just have an article in […]