Couple things to get out of the way before we begin. I’ve received a lot of e-mails and comments lately expressing concern for my financial situation. I’m sorry to have made anyone worry. But, really, my financial situation is just fine for now. I’m trying to get rid of stuff because I have way too […]


For all you folks in Colorado or anywhere West of the Mississippi who are required to attend or be reborn as toadstools for a zillion lifetimes, here’s a flier about my upcoming appearance on the Elevision TV show. Click on the image & you should be able to see a bigger, more legible version. Here’s […]


Yo. This morning I did an interview… another iterview for the CBC up in Canadia! Them Canadians love that Zen stuff. That ain’t up yet. But what is up yet is this interview I did for Buddhist Channel. That’s gotta be the worst picture anyone’s ever taken of me. The interview was done by Gary […]


My newest article for Suicide Girls is up. As I mentioned earlier, they’ve switched me to Mondays rather than Saturdays and I’m now bi-weekly instead of weekly. So if anyone asks if I’m bi, I guess I can say yes now. I’m bi- – – – weekly! This is my first Monday entry. Enjoy. I’d […]


Before I forget, check out the new issue of Alternative Press magazine. In issue #231, October 2007, with the band Chiodos semi-nude on the cover you’ll find an op-ed piece by little old me on page 26. Alternative Press started out as a local fanzine for the Cleveland punk scene. When they started getting big […]