NEW SUICIDE GIRLS ARTICLE (Sept. Something 2008)

I got a new article up on Suicide Girls. Go look. I got back from the Dogen Sangha annual retreat in Shizuoka, Japan (which is where I am, Japan, I mean, not at the retreat) this afternoon then went around to some fave record stores here in Tokio. Now I’m too bushed to do much […]


I just arrived in Tokyo. Too jet-lagged to post. Tomorrow is the start of our annual Dogen Sangha 4-day Zazen retreat at Tokei-in temple in Shizuoka. And a typhoon is bearing down upon us. Will the shinkansen run tomorrow? Who knows? Will we get stopped halfway down there? Don’t know. This year’s retreat should be […]

Brad Debates Genpo Roshi About Big Mind™

My publishers pointed me to this item on the Elephant magazine website. This matter is such ancient history to me that I’d pretty well forgotten about it. It has its origins in this article I wrote for Suicide Girls criticizing Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind™ process, which is a very dangerous mind-control game masquerading as a […]


I put up a couple more videos. LIFE AT THE CLUBHOUSE 1990[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8L32nA-_Zo] In HARDCORE ZEN I wrote about some of the punk rock houses I lived in and here’s one of them. The editor of that book refused to believe that I lived in a place where there was a hole in the floor of […]


OK, all you people who subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I’ve finally put some new stuff up there. I just uploaded a bunch of my old teenage movies. All of these were done on Super 8 film (not video, kids!) around 1979-1980 when I was 15 and 16 years old. The film was silent. The […]