We're Moving! (A Note From the Web Jikido)

We’re Moving! (A Note From the Web Jikido)

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Many of you have noticed that the site’s security certificate expired some time ago. As much as I’d like to repair that, for a variety of basically historical reasons, I have limited access to the hosting that the Hardcore Zen site runs on, and no actual access to the domain record for […]

Son of “There is No God and He Lives on Long Island”!

Brad will be back in a few days, if things proceed according to plan, anyway, but we do our best to provide interim entertainment when possible in his absence. Once again, thanks to John Graves of Los Angeles Dōgen Sangha for his editing and publishing efforts on this. The podcast can also be downloaded from […]

Episode 6: Brad Reviews “Fire Monks”

While Brad’s away retreatin’ and waitin’ tables at Tassajara, we do what we can to provide entertainment from time to time, and thanks to Pirooz Kalayeh, we have a brand-new episode of The Brad Warner Show for you this week! Enjoy!

"There Is No God and He Lives on Long Island"

“There Is No God and He Lives on Long Island”

While Brad is away at Tassajara, and away from the Internet, we’ll be periodically filling in the gaps with some recordings of talks Brad’s given on his recent book tour. Thanks to John Graves of Dōgen Sangha LA for editing and providing the recording. Enjoy! You can get these automagically as they’re posted if you […]


We’re getting recurring problems with the MySQL server for the site, which seems to be going up and down for yet-to-be-determined reasons. Cultivate patience; I’m working on trying to figure out what the issue is, but the ultimate resolution is to move the site to better hosting (which I’m also working on…) Sorry For The […]