I saw that commercial again. It’s for some kind of chocolate thing. Maybe Dove Bars? Anyhow, two women are sitting on lounge chairs talking about how delicious the thing is and one of them says, “It’s like Zen wrapped in Karma dipped in chocolate.” Which I’m sure is an apt description. I’m here at my […]


Reporting this morning from Nashville. I spent 15 hours yesterday driving with my mom and dad along the highways of America. It’s not often I get to really see the land of chain fast food restaurants and Wal Marts that is this here United States. Had my first Taco Bell meal in a decade or […]


My friend Bret recorded my talk at Hill Street Center yesterday and made a MySpace page for it. Click on the title of this article or on the word “link” below to go there. But before you try and become my MySpace friend or any of that, be aware that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW […]

ZAZEN TOMORROW (Oct. 7, 2006)

First up, there will be a Zazen Class at the Hill Street Center in Santa Monica tomorrow (Sat. Oct. 7, 2006) morning. Details are to your right at the link that says “Weekly Zazen Classes.” Today I’m going to go record a commentary track for the DVD of “Zen Noir.” The DVD is supposed to […]

WHY WE FIGHT (or at least why I do)

I did my talk to the Yoga Hippies in Los Feliz yesterday. That was fun. And while I was talking to them I kind of hit upon why it is I do useless things like write this blog. The group I spoke with were training to be yoga teachers. One of the questions I got […]