I really want to see this documentary of Robyn Hitchcock (click on the words “this documentary on Robyn Hitchcock” or on the title of this article for the link & schedule info). But I don’t have the Sundance Channel. If anyone out there does have the Sundance channel and some method of recording, would you […]

ZAZEN TOMORROW (March 24, 2007)

I haven’t done this for a while, but I want to remind everyone that there is a Zazen class at the Hill Street Center in Santa Monica tomorrow morning. It’s open to anyone who wants to show up. Not many ever do, so there’s no worry about it being crowded. I gave a talk at […]

Sing in the Voice God Gave You

Sometime long about Nineteen-hundred and Eighty-o-three, I sent a tape of my songs to the Meat Puppets. Their album Meat Puppets II had just come out and I was playing it over and over and over. Zero Defects (ODFx) had played with them about a year before. I’d been putting together some of my own […]

Hey, Maharaja!

Good morning campers! It’s music day today. As I was fiddling around with a few ideas for the next post here and the next one on Suicide Girls, I started listening to some old Dimentia 13 music. Dimentia 13 was a band I had in the 80’s that released five albums on Midnight Records. Around […]


I am stunned and amazed by the response to that last post. It proves once again that I have no idea when I’m being controversial and when I’m not. I’ve put posts up here previously that I was certain would set off riots with blood flowing freely through the streets and no one seemed even […]